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Bloodstream started a few years ago as a personal project for our friends. We realized how much more enjoyable wakeskating can be by making our feet more comfortable. Let's face it, wearing shoes without socks is not very comfortable. We don't go about our daily lives without socks, so why should we go without socks when wakeskating? This is how bloodstream was born.
As we continued to improve our design and refine the production process, more and more people jumped on the bandwagon. We found that those who tried the socks soon came to regard them as necessary pieces of wakeskate equipment. Our team riders can be found wearing their socks while winching the rivers and ponds, taking hot laps at the cable park, or even out in the middle of the lake behind their favorite floating motor. We've received rider testimonials such as "best thing since lockin fins", and "I won't ride without them". We believe that once you try them, you won't want to ride without them, either.